Wellness & Family Support


Wellness & Family Support

Recognizing that we have opportunity to more deeply impact student outcomes, especially in the area of mental health, by directly supporting their family and home life, we are rolling out a case management model (funded by the St. Louis Mental Health Board) in six Saint Louis Public Schools. In each school, Little Bit will embed a Case Manager to work closely with up to 50 students and their families, assessing needs and connecting families with critical resources, including those beyond Little Bit’s scope. In addition, we will provide for an embedded clinical therapist in each school through our Sunshine Box program to engage students and families in mental health counseling as needed.

77% of students who received received mental health counseling in the 2021-22 school year showed improved functioning and reduced symptoms.

The Sunshine Box

The Little Bit Foundation health and wellness the sunshine box program

Little Bit and Saint Louis Counseling share a desire to empower students through crises and see them rise above. Together, we provide on-site behavioral therapists in Little Bit schools with The Sunshine Box program. Therapists are involved in crisis intervention with students daily, seeing some on a regular basis for individual counseling and others as needed.They also participate in classroom presentations and regular consultation with school staff.