Our volunteers are the driving force behind the mission of The Little Bit Foundation, giving their hands to serve and their hearts to love. From the beginning, we’ve relied on the can-do of our volunteers, and their spirit and passion fill every space of our organization. In return, many volunteers admit that they receive much more than they give.

There is a place for everyone within The Little Bit Foundation and many ways to serve: working directly with students and families or behind the scenes, making deliveries, working events and more.


Work with others to pull items for individual student orders; count, sort and prep items for delivery; assemble kits.

Time requirements:
Once per month up to once per week for a minimum of two hours, Mon. – Fri., 9AM-3PM

We welcome volunteer groups and high school students in need of service hours to serve in our distribution center or through the organization of product drives.

Contact Bryan Walker to sign up.

Become part of a four-person team making weekly visits to a Little Bit school to deliver needed items for individual students.

Time requirements:
Once per month up to once per week for four hours

Work with a team to set up and organize book fairs at each of our schools. Activities include helping children select reading level appropriate books, conducting needs assessments of each child for core programming needs and reading to students while they wait.

Time requirements:
Book fairs are held one to two times per week.

Distribute nutritional food to residents from three school communities.

Time requirements:
9AM – noon on fourth Tues., Wed. and Thurs. of every month

Serve as an academic/professional mentor to a cohort of six to eight high school students. Contact William Hardrick to learn more.

Time requirements:
Meet with students for one hour biweekly on campus during the school day.

Join a Little Bit event committee, helping to secure sponsorships and in-kind donations and increasing participation at events. Little Bit conducts events throughout the year, including Music Trivia in the first quarter of the calendar year, Laura’s Run 4 Kids in the spring, a Big Fun event in the summer and our Join the Journey Gala in the fall.

Time requirements:
Four hours per month for meetings and donation/sponsor solicitation

Complete the Volunteer Sign-Up form here to let us know your interest in volunteering, or contact us to learn more.

*All weekly Little Bit school volunteers receive comprehensive training and are required to complete a criminal background screening.

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