My students love reading with their book buddies at school. Having the stuffed animal really motivates them and makes reading more fun! Students are especially excited when they are able to choose their favorite book buddy from the semester and take it home with them. It also provides them with an extra resource to practice reading at home.


I received the emergency orders this morning and just want to scream THANK YOU! This one student was so happy to receive her items. She walked into the school today with tears streaming down her face and limping because her shoes were too small. When she got the clean socks, she told me “This feels so good.” Then when she put on the shoes, her face lit up, she bowed over and said she was so grateful. I realize the work you do sometimes can be overwhelming, but I wanted you to know that The Little Bit Foundation is making a difference at Nance Elementary and empowering me to assist families with the things they need.


It’s opened up my eyes more and made me less nervous about my future.


One of our first graders is in transition and often comes to school with clothes that have been ripped, are not clean or just don’t fit. His family doesn’t always know where they will sleep and eat, let alone where they will wash their clothes or buy new things as the kids grow. He took weeks to come out of his shell because he was embarrassed and scared to ask for help. It took him seeing another student in class receiving items from Little Bit before he decided it was safe to accept help. His confidence grows daily, and I know it would not have been possible without meeting his basic needs.


I have seen students smiling who never did before. I have seen students take leadership responsibilities who never did before.


You have been so nice to me; you make me believe in myself.


Last week my daughter came home beaming with a smile.  She wanted to show me the new shoes and clothes she had received from school. I just wanted to say thank you for your kindness shown toward my little girl.  Your gift was timely and needed.   I thank God for your organization and the kind hearts that keep it running.


So many of our families come to us with no money, nothing. But they have pride. Little Bit is able to provide our students with the things they need, but in a way that allows them to retain their pride.


Collaborating with Little Bit has opened doors to schools that we could not serve on our own, and everything they do complements what we’re trying to accomplish, which is overall health.


Without Little Bit’s support, our attendance would suffer greatly which would have a negative impact on our academic achievement.


It is clear that Little Bit provides an extraordinary service, letting kids know that you’ve got their little backs with meaningful, practical gestures of kindness.


Little Bit has had a significant impact in our schools. These kids face a whole host of issues in their lives, and Little Bit is able to address them with their wraparound services. More importantly, they don’t just hand out items and leave – they’re there week in and week out for the long-term.


Your support is changing the trajectories of thousands of students across St. Louis.


When so many programs come and go, Little Bit has become an anchor for our students in removing the barriers that embarrass, discourage and hold them back.

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