About Little Bit

How can we ever break the cycle of poverty?

The Little Bit Foundation believes it starts with the dreams and ambitions, the character and education of every child. Our purpose is to help remove the barriers to learning while building up students’ confidence, dignity and all the other qualities that lead to success. It’s about educational equity – and filling the gaps with respect and kindness – and it begins with each of us.

At Little Bit, we hold no political affiliations or leanings, nor do we participate in policy advocacy. Our focus and strength is in serving our most under-resourced school communities, supporting students’ individual needs and goals, and celebrating their successes. We welcome every person to join us in this journey.


Established in 2001, The Little Bit Foundation is committed to breaking down barriers to learning for under-resourced students through partnerships and programs that serve the needs of the whole child. Our aim is to empower students to achieve their academic goals and dreams for the future, while leaving an imprint of love and hope on young lives for whom a little bit means a lot.


Our core values are the guiding principles for how we conduct ourselves and treat others.



The Little Bit Foundation is a trusted partner on which schools can rely to deliver the products and services we have promised.

We set realistic expectations and deliver no less.

We are tireless in our pursuit to provide meaningful, enduring service to our community.



The Little Bit Foundation shares in the belief that reaffirming the positive leads to success.


We reflect a nonjudgmental philosophy and concern for all children.



The Little Bit Foundation operates in a respectful, safe environment with a focus on individualized service.

We are always mindful that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.



The Little Bit Foundation demands the absolute highest standard of service.


We are focused on delivering exceptional service and items of value to students.


We demand the best from ourselves and each other as our work impacts students’ lives.

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