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College & Career Readiness


College & Career Readiness

A community’s social and economic outcomes are significantly affected by student success. Students who fail to graduate high school experience significant earnings loss over their lifetime (est. $350,000 – $740,000), and are more likely to be incarcerated and die prematurely. Additionally, a large percentage of low-income students that graduate high school do not have a defined plan, and only 14% will earn a college degree.

Ensuring every student has the opportunity to walk across the stage to receive their diploma and go on to fulfill their dreams has been Little Bit’s ultimate vision since our journey began in 2001. We are a champion of their futures. Likewise, as we collaborate with local industry and other partners, we help to build a ready workforce for our region and productive, engaged citizens to lead us forward. Our high school programming, which was informed by best practices, dropout prevention research and student focus groups, is aimed at helping students stay on track for graduation and become successful members of the community.


The Little Bit Foundation's high school SOAR programThrough our SOAR mentor program, we help students navigate the uncertainties of adolescence and plan beyond graduation. Beginning in their freshman year, students have the opportunity to work with a Little Bit academic mentor on a biweekly basis, who serves as listener, advisor and accountability partner throughout their high school journey. Mentors receive extensive training in identifying and communicating with this unique student population, as well as where and how to access student resources, in order to develop honest, meaningful relationships.



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What’s Next

The Little Bit Foundation's high school What's Next programThe What’s Next program assists students in envisioning and planning for their next steps after high school graduation, by tapping into their passions and skills and exploring the many places where they may fit. Through career fairs, internships and a corporate work-study program, we connect students with local companies, organizations and higher education institutions to help them define and prepare for a specific pathway. Once a student has indicated an interest in a particular pathway – be it college, career, military, trade school – we work with area groups to offer immersive experiences, test preparation and skills development.

Next Step 9th Grade

To support students’ entry into high school, we also host Next Step 9th Grade sessions in which 8th grade students hear and ask questions from high schoolers on school culture and optimizing their high school experience.

Project Graduation

Project Graduation is a partnership of Little Bit and Riverview Gardens School District (RGSD), with the aim of closing the achievement gap of under-resourced students by providing a continuum of support that strengthens student academic performance and post-graduation success. In the fall of 2019, Little Bit completed the adoption of all 13 RGSD schools, following students from early childhood through high school graduation and beyond. We believe this sustainable foundation of support services will lead to long-term impactful outcomes.

The Little Bit Foundation's high school project graduation program

You can have an impact on a young person’s life in a profound and lasting way. Find out how to become a high school mentor or contact us about partnership and funding opportunities.