Standing on a Promise

Twenty years. Twenty eye-opening, life-changing, ever-growing, eventful, stressful, meaningful, joyful years. 2021 marks the 20th year of the journey for The Little Bit Foundation. The stirring that began in the hearts of co-founders Rose Hanley and Elise Tierney two decades ago is today a movement carried forward by thousands of supporters. Throughout our 20th year, we will be celebrating the imprint and evolution of Little Bit, but more importantly, the many ways that many of you are having an impact every day through your work with The Little Bit Foundation.

In honor of this important milestone, we have designated our annual theme, “Standing on a Promise,” and our staff has weighed in on what this phrase means to them.

Our families can have absolute confidence in our reliability to keep our promise of making education more accessible. – Hana

Giving our all and always finding a way to deliver our promise, even during challenging times. – Rachel

We are always there – whether remote or in person – to break down barriers in the education and wellbeing of our students. – Massaly

Everything we do is built on a promise to support and walk with students. It’s our North Star. – Nora

Never wavering from our mission and values; never promising what we can’t deliver. – Pam

It’s our total commitment in the face of many roadblocks. If we give up because things get a little hard, how can we expect our kids to overcome the many obstacles before them? – Amy L.

Find a brief history of The Little Bit Foundation here and how it all began. Follow along with our 20-year activities on social media!