Making Moments Matter

Program Coordinator Jamey Maune is proud to tell everyone what she does. “I have complete confidence in the program model that Little Bit has created,” she says. This school year Little Bit has strengthened an important component of that model: building relationships.

“It’s about being in the moment and intentional with embedding our services into school communities,” says Ashley Gill, Program Manager. To accomplish this, the Programs team has been expanded with new program coordinators that have responsibility for a specific list of schools. Maune, who joined Little Bit in July and currently coordinates programming in 11 schools, sees it as an opportunity to not only ensure programs are purposeful and running smoothly but to be present for the school community in many other ways. She recently participated in “Make a difference day” at Yeatman-Liddell Middle School, joining hundreds of volunteers on a Saturday applying bright paint and colorful murals throughout the building. The following Monday, she was there to welcome the students to their fresh surroundings, even speaking at an assembly about the love that went into the makeover. “It was the greatest day ever,” she says.

When you’re there for the moments, you’re likely to be there at the right ones. Maune recounts showing up at Sigel Elementary on a Friday afternoon to deliver a pair of shoes, when the secretary informed her of a family of four students scheduled to start school on Monday with “literally nothing.” Finding out sizes, Maune went to the warehouse to gather items, returning to the school with large bags full of uniforms, coats, shoes, undergarments, toiletries, backpacks and school supplies. A tearful and thankful mother arrived a short time later to retrieve them. “As a mom, I know what a comfort it would be to realize that others are there to help support and care for my children,” says Maune.