A Celebration Two Years in the Making

Thank you to the students and staff of Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning for a warm, wonderful celebration of our two-year partnership in January! The 3rd graders even wrote and recited a “Thank you Little Bit chant.” We are privileged to serve the Humboldt community in Soulard, which includes 130+ 3rd-5th graders, with essentials, a free family food market in partnership with St. Louis Area Foodbank, literacy programming, and wellness services.

School nurse and Little Bit liaison Angela Carter says the support has given the students a sense of security when so much is out of their control. “They know for sure they have these resources available, which does a great deal for their emotional health,” she says. “Serving as liaison between students and Little Bit also has allowed me to get a better idea of what else may be going on in their life.”

Carter says school staff was having difficulty getting a feel for the home environment of a recent transfer to the district until Little Bit provided a full new wardrobe for the student, “and I was able to meet his auntie who takes care of him. It’s so valuable.”