A Mission Close to the Heart

When the dream of a large family didn’t come to fruition for Kevin Griesemer and his wife, the couple decided to open their home as foster parents to two half-brothers from inner city St. Louis. “After my daughter, who wasn’t too keen on the initial idea, began introducing them as her brothers and refusing the notion of them living anywhere else, we knew we needed to make it permanent.”

Adopting the boys hasn’t been without its challenges, admits Griesemer, as they continue to work through some developmental difficulties. “I think about families that don’t have the resources to address all of their children’s needs, and my heart goes out to them,” he says. “That’s why I’m such a fan of Little Bit – they’re there for children and families, actively involved, not trying to help from the sidelines.”

Introduced to Little Bit by Board President Mike Amann, Griesemer, who started and serves as President of G&W Engineering – a facility consulting and engineering services provider – put his company’s culture of service to work for the organization. Through #GWgives, G&W regularly supports about 20 different local organizations believing it to be the “best way to show that we as a company truly care about the community around us,” says Griesemer.

G&W has sponsored several Little Bit events, held a drive over the last three holiday seasons and participated in the What’s Next career at Riverview Gardens High. “It was exciting talking to kids about what I think happens to be a pretty cool field, and just to show them there are many possibilities for them.”